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Ugh, I can’t get the cap back on the brush without ruining the bristles!

There is a sleeve at bottom of the bristles (the sleeve is blue on the BOB KIDS brush, yellow on the SPF 30 brushes, and cream on the SPF 50 brushes). Grasp it with your thumb and forefinger and pull it upwards. This sleeve will cover the bristles, a

My brush stopped dispensing powder, what happened?

One of three things happened:

My brush broke at the bottom. Can I get a replacement?

There are two different ways your brush can come apart at the open/close section. One is easy to fix, one is not. If you have an original-style brush with this logo, we may need to replace your brush. If it is beyond repair, it will look like this:.

I cannot figure out how to attach my refill. The cartridge does not unscrew from the brush.

If you have our new-style brush, with this logo, then your brush refills differently. To refill, unscrew the blue cap below the yellow window and pour the refill contents into the brush. It is a good idea to use a sharpie or sticker to make a note of

Your brand is called “Brush On Block” but I tried applying the BOB KIDS SPF 40 Mineral Sun Balm with a brush, and it just made a mess!

Yes, the brand is called Brush On Block, but the Mineral Sun Balm is made to apply with your warm fingertips.

I can’t get the BOB KIDS SPF 40 Mineral Sun Balm open!

The BOB KIDS Sun Balm tin is meant to be unscrewed, not just lifted off. We find this is easiest to do if you hold it flat in one palm and put the other palm on top. Now twist, and voila—it should come right off. If you have accidentally pushed the t

My Sheer Genius seems to have separated!

Like most liquid sunscreens, Sheer Genius can separate if it is exposed to excessive heat (like in a hot car in summer) or direct sunlight. A good shake should bring everything together nicely. Going forward, please protect the product from excessive

Need more help?

If you don’t find the help you need in this section, please reach out to us at [email protected]. It will cut down on back and forth if you can include three photos of your brush, no matter what the question is.