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My brush broke at the bottom. Can I get a replacement?Updated 7 months ago

There are two different ways your brush can come apart at the open/close section. One is easy to fix, one is not. 

If you have an original-style brush with this logo, we may need to replace your brush. If it is beyond repair, it will look like this: 

Original-style brush break -- need to replace.

If you have our newer brush, with this logo and the “break” looks like the photo below, it is easy to repair. Just line up the small vertical line on the bottom portion (next to Active Ingredients with the word CLOSE on the top portion and push together. They should snap right back together!

New-style brush "break" -- easy to repair.

But it is a BOB KIDS brush …

No worries, that one comes apart differently, and it most likely is not able to be repaired. Please send us photos of the issue and be sure to include a photo of the bottom of the brush with the batch code and expiration date and let us know where you purchased the product, so that we can expedite your solution.

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