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What are the Brush On Block formulas?Updated 7 months ago

Brush On Block® mineral formulas were designed to provide a better way to protect skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Our products are easy-to-use and effective, without the greasy residue or skin irritation other sunscreens can cause.

Brush On Block mineral formulas contain natural mineral sunscreen actives and soothing botanicals, providing sun protection that you won’t hate to apply.

Brush On Block’s Active Ingredients
We only use natural minerals as active ingredients in our sunscreen products. You won’t find harmful chemical actives in any of our products – never had them, never will! Minerals are the foundation of our sunscreen formulas.

Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are the only two sunscreen active ingredients that the FDA has proposed to be generally recognized as safe and effective (GRASE). They are also considered safe for coral reefs when not in nanoparticle sizes. Brush On Block formulas contain no nanoparticles.

Titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide provide excellent broad-spectrum sun protection by reflecting much of the sun’s rays off of the skin, and absorbing others. This, combined with the soothing nature of zinc oxide, make them an easy choice for Brush On Block’s mineral sunscreens.

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