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What’s That Smell?Updated 7 months ago

Sheer Genius SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen + Moisture - Most people don’t even notice a smell with Sheer Genius, but if you are one of those that do, relax. What you are smelling is the scent of the Zinc Oxide (which provides the sun protection). Many companies use masking fragrances to hide this scent, but added fragrances can be more problematic than the scent they mask. We have found that the zinc oxide scent dissipates quickly and should not bother you long term.

Nobody’s Perfect Daily Face Oil - We took such care to put only functional ingredients into this product, that we couldn’t bear the thought of using a masking fragrance in it. In addition, many people are sensitive to essential oils, so it would cut down on the number of people that would get to enjoy the benefits of Nobody’s Perfect. The earthy smell comes straight from the ingredients, and dissipates quickly.

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