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Andrea Wetsel & Brush On Block

As the mother of two active young daughters, Brush On Block founder Andrea Wetsel lived the constant battle of getting sunscreen on her children. Then her oldest daughter developed an allergy to chemical sunscreens, and she realized that she knew very little about the products she was putting on her children daily. So, she set about educating herself on sunscreen and learned a lot about the dangers of chemical sunscreens in the process. And along the way, she fell in love with the idea of making sunscreen easy and convenient for the whole family. Andrea wanted to change the way people think about sunscreen, and make sunscreen a simple, every day habit, with products that people love to wear.

"It isn't just about sunburn. When you realize that one in every three cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer, you become pretty passionate about sun protection. One person dies of melanoma every hour, yet it is the most preventable form of cancer when proper precautions are taken and Brush On Block products make protecting your skin easy. Because it cant work if you wont wear it.

Her thoughtfully-developed line of reef-friendly mineral formulas is free of chemical sunscreens and is PETA-certified cruelty free and vegan making protection and prevention safe for humans, animals, oceans and the environment. She strives to develop innovative products with a focus on continuous improvement of ingredients and packaging, operating in the intersection of safety for humans, eco-responsibility and functionality. Brush On Block targets customers who are conscious about what they put in and on their bodies, while making strides towards doing what is right for our environment.

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