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I have oily skin, should I use Nobody’s Perfect Daily Face Oil?Updated 7 months ago

While we can’t speak to your individual skin needs, in many cases, it could be just what your oily skin needs! In some many cases, skin has become oily because it needs moisture, and sebum is the only way it can moisturize itself, which means it makes more oil. Then if you use drying products to help get rid of the extra oil, the skin feels drier, so it makes even more sebum in an effort to stay moisturized. It can be a very unpleasant cycle. People often find that if they moisturize their skin better, it becomes less oily. In spite of the high oil content, you will find that Nobody’s Perfect is not greasy and absorbs quickly. Start out with a small amount of product (1-2 drops) and see how your skin tolerates it before increasing to 3-4 drops.

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