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How do I know if I’m applying any/enough?Updated 7 months ago

When you first start using a powder sunscreen, it can be tricky to be sure you are putting enough on. The first thing we recommend is to get your brush started, and then to buff some powder on the back of one of your hands. Do it like you mean it! Buff in a circular motion for about 10 seconds, then compare the back of that hand to your other one. You should notice a slightly powdery look, which will calm down as the oils of your skin come out.

Then, apply in the same fashion to your face, one area at a time. We recommend that you take at least 15 seconds per area; left cheek, forehead and t-zone, right cheek. This will ensure that you have proper coverage.

When applying BOB KIDS to youngsters, you can 15 seconds per half of their face. Thorough testing has shown us that two verses of “Baby Shark” is about 15 seconds. (We’re sorry.)

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