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How do I get the powder into the brush bristles?Updated 7 months ago

All of our brushes have an open/close mechanism that prevents unwanted movement of powder into the cap. In order to use your brush, you must first twist your brush into the open position to allow the powder to flow. To open, twist the part of the brush that says Mineral Sunscreen and the SPF, to the left about ¼”. It should either completely stop there, or you will feel a catch. That is the open position.

If you are using your brush for the first time, put it into the open position, but keep the cap on the brush. Then turn it upside down and tap it firmly on a flat surface for 3 or 4 times. Then remove the cap, pull down the slider that covers the bristles and give the brush a good flick of the wrist (as if you were trying to fling water off of your hand). You should notice a spot of powder on the tips of the bristles that wasn’t there before.

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