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Can't my kids use the “adult” version?Updated 7 months ago

Absolutely they can! But we wanted to make a sunscreen that kids would like, and take ownership of, helping them to develop good sunscreen habits early in life. We have kids of our own, so we understand the struggle of getting slick, sometimes stinky, sunscreen on a young child that just wants to run and play. Our original Brush On Block powder sunscreen has always been popular with parents of young kids, but we thought we could “kick it up a notch” by making the container just a little brighter, softer, and fun. Something children could see as their own, and something that didn’t cause them to run away. We created a new brush with the softest purple brush-head that we could imagine. We made it chunkier, so that it fits in their hands, because we knew they would want to play with it. And it has worked. Parents and children LOVE BOB KIDS Brush On Sunscreen. It feels good, it protects beautifully, and no one runs away screaming. We think it is a win-win.

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